Germany Timber Frame Road (Deutsche Fachwerkstraße) sign



One of the architectural styles most associated with Germany is the timber-framed, or Fachwerk, building. While this type of building can be found throughout Europe, this type of building is found in large quantities in towns across Germany. In recognition of this important piece of German culture, the government has instituted the Fachwerkstraße, or Timber Frame Road. Travelers can follow this scenic route to see the towns along it with large amounts of Fachwerk architecture. The route consists of seven sections across the country, with a total length of nearly 3,000 km (1,864 mi).

This replica of the Deutsche Fachwerkstraße sign is a precise copy of the signs found along the Timber Frame Road. Relive your journeys along the scenic route by adding it to your garage, bar, man cave, or anywhere else needing a little bit of German flair. Original signs like this one don’t end up on the overseas collector’s market very often. When they do, you can expect to pay a premium, owing to the expense of exporting one from Germany. With this replica, you can get the sign you want without spending the time and resources to track down an original.

This Deutsche Fachwerkstraße sign is printed on heavy 14-gauge steel. It is a glossy, non-reflective sign, and can be installed indoors or outdoors. We offer it in sizes ranging from 9.6 in. × 12 in. all the way up to 32 in. × 40 in. Every size includes two mounting holes for your convenience. (Looking for this sign in a different size? Or perhaps another sign, from Germany or elsewhere in the world? We love custom orders—please inquire!)

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