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US Route 666 was always a somewhat infamous presence in the US highway system. It got its number innocently enough; it was the 6th spur route from the famous Route 66. However, the number “666” carries certain biblical connotations that soon spelled trouble for this Colorado highway. The road suffered from a high crash rate owing to the difficult terrain it traversed. The road’s number and its poor safety record soon led US 666 to gain the nickname “the Devil’s Highway”.  Eventually, with Route 66’s decommissioning, and recurring problems with sign theft, road officials threw in the towel in 2003. Today, the road that was once US 666 now appears on maps as US 491.

Our recreation of the Colorado US 666 route sign is made to the exact 1926 federal standard. This style of sign was used between about 1928 and 1948 along this famous road. US 666 signs have always been in high demand; an original of these would cost many thousands of dollars if it ever came to the market. Also, many of the signs in private hands today were obtained by less-than-legal means. So here is your chance to own an excellent display piece, for just a fraction of the price, and without the risk of legal trouble.

Our Colorado US Route 666 sign is flat printed on heavy 14-gauge steel, with completely accurate layout and fonts. We’ve made it available in the original size: 16½ inches by 16 inches. We’ve also rescaled it down to a smaller 12-inch-tall display size, as well as larger 24 and 36 inch versions that were displayed in some states under certain road conditions. All sizes are high quality, durable signs, made of heavy steel, made with unsurpassed quality right here in the good old US of A. (Want this sign with a different number, or in a size not listed here? Contact Jake to place a custom order today!)

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12⅜ in. × 12 in., 16½ in. × 16 in., 24¾ in. × 24 in., 37⅛ in. × 36 in.


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